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Satsuma - Japan
Date: 1920s
Size: 39 x 28 cm
Medium: Porcelain/Earthenware
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During the mid 19th century the well-known pottery that is world recognized as "Satsuma" ware was created. This is an slightly yellowish earthenware. It's glaze has a fine crackle and it does not have a "ring" when tapped. This Satsuma ware was however first developed in the Satsuma Han, got produced mostly for export to the West, in several cities such as Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama and elsewhere throughout Japan, from the Meiji period (1868-1912) up until today. The success of the Satsuma style has inspired many followers.

Satsuma was produced in Kagoshima, Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, and Kanazawa by hundreds of known artists, in many styles and by literally thousands of unknown decorators.


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